Eckert Fine Art is pleased to offer 24 works by the artist, Carolyn Plochmann


Carolyn Gassan Plochmann was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1926. Known for her paintings and drawings, she experienced early success as an artist, winning local art competitions while still in high school. With successive scholarships awarded for first-prize paintings, Plochmann earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1949 for the University of Iowa. That year she also accepted a post as Supervisor of Art at the Allyn Training School of Southern Illinois University.

After her marriage to George Kimball Plochmann, a professor in the Philosophy department, she resigned from her teaching post and embarked upon an artistic career, exhibiting works in over fourty one-man shows and many more multiple-artist exhibits throughout the Midwest and in New York.

According to a statement she wrote in 1958, Carolyn Gassan Plochmann’s artistic aim was “to dig as deeply as I can into the problems of light, form, and color, experimenting with new media, trying new models, and refining the intellectual aspects of the overpowering emotional need to interpret human character.”

Intensely personal in its inspirational yet remarkably universal in its implications, Plochmann’s work delights the eye with its resonant color and richly painted surfaces and the introspective eye with its haunting iconography and the suggestive juxtaposition of its imagery. Beneath the surface and encoded in the composition of these beautiful compelling works, the artist’s reflections about the complexity and diversity, the simplicity and the universality of the human condition lie waiting to be discovered by the discerning viewer.

In a career that spans more than six decades, Plochmann has received numerous awards and her work has been exhibited widely, exciting the praise and recognition of her peers and of critics. She has shown at the Toledo Museum of Art, Bressler Galleries in Milwaukee, Evansville Museum in Indiana, Knotville Museum in Tennessee, was represented exclusively through the prestigious Kennedy Gallery in New York City. During this time, while ignoring the artistic trends and fashions Plochmann has developed an art so positive and evocative that it prompted R. Buckminster Fuller to write: “She finds and now reports to us a message of home, of the possibilities of man’s regeneration in the universe.”

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